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Lew SheenLew Sheen - Guitar, Vocals
Lew founded The F'Old over 6 years ago. In the past, he has performed as guitarist and back-up vocalist in other popular local bands such as Cover Story, Exposure, and Road Crew. Lew's fiery guitar playing really gets the crowd going. His music experience spans over 34 years, from Germany to New England. Lew also runs his own recording studio and teaches guitar lessons.

Gary BourassaGary Bourassa - Guitar, Vocals
Gary has been in the band for over 4 years now. In addition to numerous original projects - including some radio airplay - he brings with him 33 years of experience in Classic Rock cover bands (Graffiti, Summer Street Band, and Replay to name a few). Gary’s great voice and strong guitar playing are integral to the F’Old sound.
Larry BurettaLarry Buretta - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Larry has been a member of the F’Old for over 5 years. Larry has been playing bass for over 22 years, and played in Cover Story - an extremely successful GB band - with Lew for 7+ years. Larry’s stay-at-home groove-spinning provides the bottom of the F’Old’s classic sound.
Kevin BoudreauKevin Boudreau - Drums
Since November 17, 1971......... when his mother paid for his first lesson hoping that it would lead to the piano. Mom was conned. Kevin's been playing since and has been involved in numerous cover and original bands for over 25 years. During the '80s, Kevin was involved in the Boston original scene, playing all the major clubs in town and opening for national acts like Extreme. During the 90s, Kevin has been involved with various cover bands playing the ‘burbs. Kevin’s rock-steady drumming is the foundation of The F’Old’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Wall-of-Sound.

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